2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022, Dubai

IX Architects has been conferred an award at the 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) 2022 at Dubai. The 2ACAA celebrates architectural excellence and innovation at a global level, and IXA is honoured to be able to compete internationally with many other architectural works of high caliber and social impact.

Particularly for the 2ACAA Asia-Oceania category, the award winners are highlighted for their accomplishments in mitigating challenges faced by fast-paced, urban cities. This year, the focus of 2ACAA is particularly on the transcendent dimensions of architecture and the contributions to society, on top of sustainability aspects.

We are deeply humbled and proud to announce that our recent project, Reimagining Void Decks, was awarded an Honourable Mention under the category of Urban Projects.

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