Car Park in Phnom Penh

This project is sited at a busy road junction in the heart of the city. Hence, the design aimed to bring about a sense of calm to the busy junction. The design uses simple elements like vertical louvres yet looks sleek and modern amidst the urban fabric. The colours are intentionally chosen to be gentle and neutral, to allow the vibrance and dynamism of the city to be in the foreground.

Towards the busy road junction, our architecture responded with a full-height screen made of locally sourced ventilation blocks. This feature wall anchors the intersection, whilst adding a local touch to the project. The vertical louvres at both sides of the feature wall are cantilevered towards the ventilation blocks, creating a stronger focal point at the corner.

The facade is crafted with slender aluminium louvres that soften the urbanscape as well as adding a poetic touch to the street. Vertical members are carefully spaced allow the building to remain porous and achieving a sense of lightness. The façade extends beyond the roof level, and extends to 1m clear from the street level, strengthening the vertical aesthetic of the scheme.


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