Lions Befrienders Training Centre

Our void decks have much more potential than being a transitional space. We imagine that it can take on many different identities that Singaporeans can resonate with. A compact and complete scheme that takes on many different transformations to meet the needs of residents, this proposal aims to bring back the kampung spirit into the neighbourhood.

The Lions Befrienders Training Centre is a multifunctional space packed with 1000 sqm of function within a 238sqm footprint. The main space within the Lions Befrienders Training Centre is a large hall that can be transformed for multiple uses.

Transformational furniture can quickly be opened up to turn into an exhibition or product display area. When the storage spaces are pushed away, the space can be used as an open house or seminar space. When the furniture is stowed away, the clean and minimalist white surfaces are ideal for curating an art gallery.


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