The Eco Factory

We are glad to announced that our The Eco Factory (Cambodia), project named Not A Sweat Shop have recently won 

            2AA Continental Architectural Awards                 for Asia & Europe 2018 

, held at Barcelona, Spain! 

We are also humbled that our factory project previously also attained the

BCA Greenmark Gold Award (Industrial Category): The ECO Factory



Not A Sweat Shop is a breakthrough from conventional garment factory design!  This design integrates local handicraft culture into the building façade, addresses both climatic and material sustainability challenges. By marrying local construction methods and embracing the raw, natural finishes results in modern aesthetics that reflects a contemporary tropical architecture.

Ample green breathing spaces, thermal comfort and well being of workers were taken into account in the design. In comparison with other similar industries in region whereby the working condition is often stifling and traumatizing, the design addresses the emotional and psychological needs. This creates a conducive and healthy work place with many delightful spaces for enjoyment.





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