Of Bricks & Breath

Located in Surakarta, a city in Central Java, Indonesia, the Starplast factory is poised amidst its surroundings. The design mandate is to craft an environment that is both cool and well-ventilated, a prerequisite for the manufacturing process characterized by heightened heat generation. Simultaneously, measures need to be in place to avert the interference caused by forceful gusts of wind, thereby safeguarding the precision of the machinery.

The gaps interspersed between the bricks serve a dual purpose: they allow ample daylight to suffuse the workspace and facilitate the circulation of both air and heat emanating from the machinery. Adjacent to the production area, a central garden offers a delightful space where employees can enjoy meals and relax in a natural and tranquil atmosphere. Encompassing a variety of gardens, pavilions, and a serene lake, this outdoor oasis also contributes to cooling the factory spaces. Employing passive environmental strategies and integrating green spaces, the factory strives to establish a novel typology that is not only cost-effective and sustainable but also fosters a pleasurable work atmosphere for its employees.

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