Our Revamped Terrace

We revamped our terrace! After several years, we said goodbye to our old Peranakan tiles and replaced it with a collection of tiles we have accumulated. The month-long collective effort inspires ownership of our working environment as we now have a dedicated space to take a breather. The new terrace engages and synergises with the surrounding greenery, resulting in a cozy corner. Swipe left to check out our dry-laying process!


The beautiful terrace is not without its difficulties. Here we can see the team trimming the vegetation and preparing the foundation. “There is design for each and every step of the process” — the team is reminded to be conscientious and meticulous of every detail, such as how each tile reacts with the perimeter and the pockets that houses small plants. We want to carry this habit to our actual projects! Swipe to the end to check out more!


Could we infuse a complex sensorial experience into our daily life? This was the question that inspired this project. The tiles are arranged by alternating their surface texture, colour and thickness, resulting in a very playful interaction with our sense of touch and sight. It was also the perfect learning opportunity for the team as we get to learn how to identify the tiles and their corresponding uses. Through a rigorous interactive process, we are proud to reach this final composition!



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