Vision and Philosophy


Design leader in the region IX Architects Pte Ltd aims to be a leading professional team with innovative and extraordinary works in both the Singapore and the international architectural scene. With our creations, we add value to our client’s investments and we hope to create greater awareness and appreciation among the general public.


Personalized Service:
We constantly strive to provide personalized and quality services to client in a professional and responsible manner. We believe that our input would value-add your investment and allow you to enjoy a quality built environment. With enthusiasm and passion, we uphold high standards of integrity and performance in our professional practice. Each project is unique and will be given the necessary attention by our dedicated team.

Design Excellence:
We aim for design excellence, presenting you with innovative and exciting end-products that everyone involved will be proud of. We interpret our client’s needs and transform them into forms and spaces that are both original and functional. The built environment shall be economical and yet durable, with details, materials, and elegant aesthetics responding to the context and requirements.

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