What Does An Architect Do?

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What is an architect?

An architect provides design consultation and project management services in the course of a property development.

In Singapore, an architect needs to have on average 5 years of formal education in Architecture and minimum 2 years relevant experience in architectural practice, before he/she can sit for an exam-based application to register with the Board of Architects (BOA), Singapore.

The registered architect is also known as a Qualified Person (QP), in matters concerning compliance issues with the building authorities.

Even though some architects may specialize in areas of expertise, every architect is expected to be proficient in the basic aspects of the architectural practice and regulations related to building development.

An architect is commonly viewed as the leader of a construction project, leading a team of consultants and making sure the construction stages and details are being adhered to as depicted in the design.

Besides understanding what the client needs and prefers, the architect needs to be well versed in details like material types, building costs, regulations, aesthetics, etc. A strong flair for creative and practical design is also inherent, to create satisfying solutions to building projects.

What is an Architect

How is an architect in Singapore different from other building professionals?

Architects are professionals in the construction industry and have to abide by a set of laws and regulations under the “Architects Act”. The Architects Act regulates the standard and code of conduct and ethics of architects.

It ensures that architects must look after the interests of their clients, as well as the public interest. Architects are not allowed to have vested interest in the outcome of the services they provide.

The word “Architect” and its derivatives are also protected by the laws.

An architect is in a profession, different from project managers, interior designers and other construction personnel. Examples of other professions in the economy are lawyers, doctors and engineers who are all regulated by their respective governing bodies and laws.

How is an Architect different from the other building professionals?

When do I need an architect?

In Singapore, a registered architect (QP) has to be engaged when submission documents to the relevant authorities are required, such as getting a development control approval, as well as various permits to start construction work at site.

Almost all types of construction work require the services of a QP. An architect usually works together with the support of a Civil & Structural Engineer, a Mechanical & Electrical Engineer and a Quantity Surveyor to form the fundamental consultancy team for a development.

Having a good team of Architect and consultants on board is an essential factor leading to the success of a project. A good team will design and administer a project that meets client expectation in term of cost and quality, on top of enabling a smooth completion of the development.

When do I need an Architect?
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