SIA Architectural Design Award 2023

IXA attained the Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Award 2023 for “Of Bricks and Breath” project in Solo, Indonesia. This plastic goods production factory required a cool and well-ventilated environment to house the manufacturing process. Conversely, measures were needed to prevent strong winds from affecting precision of the machinery in the manufacturing process. These are two contradictory requirements which required a design solution that balances both.

Through the use of humble and sustainable materials, a tapestry of interlocking bricks forming the façade provides the ideal ventilation conditions and invites ample natural daylight in the workspace. Additionally, the Central gardens provide a variety of greenery and pavilions surrounding a serene lake, while simultaneously cooling the factory space. The SIA Award recognizes the novel but cost-effective typology creating a pleasant work atmosphere and a greater sense of well being for the employees amidst the harsh industrial environment.

We are honoured and humbled to be conferred this prestigious award.

Read more about the jury’s review here.

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