Social Architecture

#1 Project Books and Cubes

Books and Cubes is a learning space designed for a non-profit organisation to inspire the children of rural Cambodia. Nestled quietly on a primary school campus, students can use this library in all weathers and even during electrical shortages. Despite being in a pure cube form, the library embraces the entire site and complements other school activities. Villagers had a part to play in fabricating the finishes for the library, thereby developing a sense of ownership amongst the overall community. This also celebrates the local handicraft culture. The biggest gift lies in the integration of the library into the campus – the cubes sit on a raised slab that doubles as a performance space. This activity space extends the learning space beyond the conventional classroom.

#2 Project 2020

Project link in GiveAsia website here.

Project 2020 : 20 Architects 20 Latrines 20 Families in Year 2020

Project 2020 is a social initiative by 20 Singapore architects and friends to design and build 20 latrines for 20 families of Village Bustatrav, Svay Chek Commune, Angkor Thom District, Cambodia. This project is in collaboration with the Cambodian Community Dream Organisation, Inc. (CCDO) under the WASH program. CCDO has identified these 20 families in Siem Reap province as beneficiaries for Project 2020. The project aims to raise awareness of the sanitation issue faced by villagers in the developing country.

#3 Volunteer Training Centre

Lions Befrienders Volunteer Training Centre is a first of its kind in Singapore which seeks to raise awareness amongst public regarding the psychosocial issues the elderly face. Through ‘gallery-inspired’ set ups such as video screenings, or informative walls, as well as virtual reality games, multi-sensory activities & active discussions, the Centre targets to enhance participants’ viewing experiences and facilitate greater comprehension of issues affecting the elderly.

This project is a piece of transformative architecture, comprising many different furniture that can change and adapt to the needs of the users. With this concept, the Training Centre can function like 1000sqm when its real footprint is just but 238sqm.

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