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#7 The Subtle Art of Design

IXA continuously celebrates the art of craftsmanship! We do not shy away from fully exploring the possibilities of design away from the computer screen. From sketches to handmade models, we aim to bring intricate designs to life.

Enjoy this slice of our working process on a bespoke light feature from the on-going project – 87 Bukit Timah (KARA).


#6 Evolution of Office Design in a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us question the spaces that we inhabit for long hours in our daily lives. The workplace is clearly a place that needs to evolve, given that it is one of the most densely-occupied spaces for most part of the day. High rental costs in general mean that office workstations are likely not spacious to begin with. With the current trend of working from home and staggering work teams being a practice that will likely continue, business owners will naturally think of reconfiguring the office layout or even downsizing.

Naturally-ventilated workspace
Hotdesking options for rotating teams

The office can be retrofitted to space out and yet still stay efficient. A pandemic-ready office may also mean that the workspace can be easily sanitized in between work teams. One may quickly narrow down to the office of the past where cubicles are sprawled across the office in order to contain the people and spread of germs. However, we strongly believe that the office can still remain engaging and promote collaboration without confining staff to the cubicle. Here are some examples of how the office can be customized to suit different requirements and still possess the flexibility to reconfigure to meet new spatial needs.

Well spaced out workstations

If you would like to find out more about solutions for retrofitting your office to be not just pandemic-ready but also future-proof, have a chat with us today.

#5 Long Kang

Located at our outdoor terrace, we have crafted out a new home for the aquatic wildlife – A Lively Longkang!

Putting our landscaping skills to the task, we curated lovely curving patterns with vibrant red stones and classic grey and white pebbles.

We are sure that this new addition will be enjoyed by all who visit our office.

#4 Project Swift

PROJECT SWIFT is a mini research project our firm undertook as part of the Good Design Research (GDR) initiative organized by the DesignSingapore Council. For Project Swift, we researched on disaster recovery and the related rescue structures. Issues addressed within this research included consideration for:

1. Structures to be quickly deployed with minimal labour
2. Disaster-struck landscapes – uneven ground, wrecked environments
3. Time, costs, logistical effort for transitioning from temporary to permanent buildings

#3 Project 2020

Year 2020. 20 latrines. 20 families.

The 20 latrines include all the parts needed for a functional toilet and feature a brick exterior. Each latrine is uniquely designed and has its own layout and pattern. Together, they represent the collaborative spirit of volunteers from Singapore and the local Cambodians!

#2 Project 2020

“2.0 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines. Of these, 673 million still defecate in the open, for example in street gutters, behind bushes or into open bodies of water.” – World Health Organization, June 2019.

IX Architects is proud to be the coordinator of Project 2020, a social initiative by 20 Singapore-based architects and friends in which 20 latrines were designed and built for 20 families of Village Bustatrav, Svay Chek Commune, Angkor Thom District, Cambodia.

#1 Project Transformer

Check out our Project Transformer! Designed as a series of mobile units that can transform on sites, these are architectural spatial intervention designed to spark positive social spaces in our cities!

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