Climate Responsive Design

Climate Responsive Design

The local climate is blazing hot in the day and there are seasonal floods Power shortages are common, therefore the library was designed to be used off the grid. As the site is with society living below the poverty line, the library is designed with sustainability, simplicity and maintenance free, in mind.


The library is designed to be naturally ventilated, making the library a comfortable place in all weather conditions. On top of acting primarily as a sunshading device, the 36 operable and centrally-pivoting rattan screens add a touch of cultural context to the space. ”More Than Just a Library” is totally natural ventilated and independent of electrical source. Large overhang helps to shield against rain and sun, while also allowing extension of space from the library.



The library components are made of modular cubes that can be replicated and transported site using local materials and equipment. With its compact size akin to a 20-foot shipping container, the main frame can even be transported using a small truck. The modular bookshelves can be fabricated off-site and readily installed in a short period of time. Hence, the process of construction is efficient, minimal site disruption and minimal pollution to the environment.



The library cubes sit on a raised slab which touches lightly on group, hence causing minimal disturbance to the site. Existing trees are all retained, which in turn creates shade for the library cubes. As the cubes do not have deep interior space, it provides opportunity for effective natural ventilation. Visual and thermal comfort is ensured by having adjustable roof overhang to adapt to different sunlight angle throughout the day. Acoustic comfort can be improved by converting the roof overhang into wall enclosure, to shield off exterior noise. Screen materials are made of rattan, which is a low cost natural material found in abundant amount in the village.


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