Site Planning Strategies

Site Planning Strategies

Site Analysis

The site is situated along a new canal that extends from a river tributary. This presents the opportunity to create water activities and irrigation for farmland along the new canal. It sustains the livelihood of the villages surrounding it by providing an abundantly fresh supply of fish. The densely forested area has its own ecosystem and a sustainable relationship with the locals that live in it. The river presents an opportunity to incorporate fishing activities for leisure for visitors but it must be done sensitively and sustainably.

Site Planning

Land is allocated to the 4 main groups of usage/activities:

      • The conserved forest
      • Agriculture
      • Recreational spaces
      • Resort core and accommodation

Careful consideration was placed in the allocation of land use which prioritizes preservation of forested area and greenery. A large proportion of the site is preserved to maintain the rich local biodiversity of lalangs and love in a puff. Visitors can be in touch with nature and the interesting flora and fauna that the site offers.

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