Social Wellness

Social Wellness

With the possibility of remote working, the significance of future office is geared towards congregation areas and a series of informal meet up nodes to connect people. Staff has the mobility and freedom to work at relaxed spaces or even the outdoor garden.

A working place is not just an air conditioned box but a space where people could choose the settings to fit the nature of an activity.  It is a balance working environment for group discussion or a tranquil place for quiet moments.



With the introduction of the central air well, this conical realm allows multiple visual and acoustic connections within the 6 levels of stacked office space. Physically, a lightweight spiral staircase goes around the skylight structure, allowing the users travel vertically. This also creates opportunities for them to connect.

Several communal pods are carefully incorporated within the skylight to engage with the dynamic volumetric space. The central air well highlights the entire office environment and brings vibrancy to the close-knitted open office lifestyle.


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